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My Tummy is Crummy

Da momma is always telling me to NOT eats da stuffs on da ground outside.

She iz right! I habs had a nasty tummy for three days. Thursday night my tummy got yucky, and my guts gots squishy. All day Friday, icky stuffz came out my tushie, and da momma hads to wipe my tushie wifs puppy wipes.

Den Saturday, I didn't wants to eats nuthin all day, and I didn't really wants to drink anything either.

Finally today, I iz feeling betters. I eated da cookies dat da Tracie made for me (dey habs my doggie food ground up, wif bananas, molasses, turmeric, and an eggie) and den I actually eated foods for dinner.

Da momma is so happy, cause I iz drinking waters today. So now, I am on my way to being betters.

I hopes dat my tummy crummy is overs!

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