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Children's Fiction Author

Books train your mind and imagination to think big.


About Me.


Gail Notestine was born in Newark, NJ but has lived most of her life in the American South.

After moving to Texas in 1978, she had careers as an Oil and Gas Accountant, President of a Holding Company and cattle and horse rancher.

After leaving Texas in 1989, she and her late husband traveled the USA and Central America, for ten years, where she became interested in the study of parrots in their natural habitat. During the time traveling she and her husband built a very successful Jewelry business in over thirty-six Renaissance Faires.

Gail also built the largest bird-related website in the world and built a parrot rescue, in South Florida, where she had between thirty-five and forty birds. During this time, she traveled the country lecturing about proper companion bird care.

After moving to North Carolina, she took time to relax with her late husband and dogs.

She enjoys her wonderful dogs, hiking the beautiful trails, scuba diving and especially writing.

Gail lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with her four dogs. She thanks God every day for the wonderful life she has had and the ability to share her views with others through her writing.

She has written books under the name Elizabeth Aaron, Echo Bird and Dustbunny Too.

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