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Books by Gail Notestine

Book 0. The Prequel

0. In The Beginning

Molly O'Hare loves puppies! All puppies. Now she gets to look for one of her own. See where it all began! Join Molly and her parents at the All-Breed Dog Show as she begins her search for the perfect puppy to be her best friend.

Book 1

1. The Seven Foot Long Dog

What would you do with a dog the size of a small pony in a house the size of a school bus? Molly has always wanted a puppy. What she gets is more adventure than she bargained for. What happens when a giant dog turns your world upside down?

Molly O'Hare is finally getting the puppy that she has waited for. After two years her dog is coming home. Join Molly as she gets, trains, and settles in with her new puppy. Share the adventures of living with a dog that is the size of a small pony. Find out what secret her dog has hidden. Laugh and cry with this adorable duo as Molly learns that a best friend doesn't have to have two legs.

Book 2

2. Cowboy Tails

...Twelve-year-old Molly O’Hare lives a different lifestyle than the average kid. She lives in a bus; with her parents, and a seven-foot-long Irish Wolfhound service dog named Grainne. Molly’s parents work as travel writers for a magazine, and the family is on a long expedition to discover the best vacation spots, in the United States and other countries, to write about. It's the beginning of their adventure, and things are not off to a smooth start.

This witty, smart story takes you on an adventure that will make you laugh and sometimes cry. Travel along with the O'Hare family as Molly and Grainne cement their relationship.

Book 3

3. Jingle In the Jungle

...Molly and Grainne are traveling with her parents, magazine travel writers, through Mexico. At one of their first stops, Grainne finds a mysterious notebook with directions to a hidden The only problem is, the first page is missing. That was the page that told the location where the diamonds were buried.

They go on the search of a lifetime. Search with them and see if you can figure out where the diamonds are buried

Book 4

4. Olé Molé

...After the bad guys are stopped, Molly and Grainne and the O'Hare family expect the rest of their trip to Mexico to be uneventful. Unfortunately, they couldn't be more wrong. Join Molly and her seven foot long Irish wolfhound as they travel the west coast of Mexico, see amazing things, and discover that the adventure with the diamonds isn't over yet.

Will they ever find the diamonds? Who are Moonie and Sunshine really? Will they find out who lost the book , and what do dolphins, manatees and a purple octopus have to do with it?

Book 5

5. Hounds Abound

When Molly's family gets sent to New Mexico to cover the Alien Festival, Molly and Grainne are exposed to a whole new world. Molly and and her family get to experience a ceilidh with more hounds than they have ever seen in one place, but not everything is as it seems, as one family seems to be determined to ruin it all for everyone.

Join Molly and Grainne as they see for themselves that bullies and thieves never prosper.

Book 6

6. All That Glitters

When the travel magazine sends the O’Hares north to Colorado to explore ghost towns and gold mines, Molly and Grainne are expecting to spend some time exploring and visiting with people they met at the ceilidh. What they get is quite a bit more.
Will Molly and Grainne discover gold? Can the O’Hare family help a lonely ghost find peace? Can Heavy Metal help a little girl learn how to be happy?
Join Molly and Grainne in “All That Glitters” to find the answers to these questions and more.

Book 7

7. Minstrels and Mayhem

When the magazine sends the O'Hare family on a six week assignment into the past at the Kansas City Renaissance Fair, Molly and Grainne find themselves embroiled in investigating a hidden crime ring.

8. Mystery Key

Releasing December 11!

Molly finds Trouble Again

When she finds the diary of a treasure hunter, Molly drags Grainne, and a new friend, into a fifty-year-old mystery. Grainne’s sudden illness brings them together with a veterinarian who will steers them towards finding answers. Will Molly be able to find the person who is the key to the treasure before she is silenced?

Readers of Nancy Drew Mysteries will fall in love with Molly and Grainne. Middle-Grade readers, and adults alike, get swept up in The Adventures Of Molly and Grainne.

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