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Iz Back!

Sorry I haz been gone so long. Da house has been busy.

I haz habbed my second birfday, on April 14th. Den da momma released a new book in April (right after my birfday) and turned right arounds and started writing anudder. Dat one will come out in 3 weeks.

So, letz see. I now havz TWO Barker beds. One in da libing room, and one in da momma's room. Da one in da mommas room has a cooling coat, so iz nice an cools at nights. And dere is a cooling matt on da couchie for me in da libing room, so Iz can cool offs dere too.

I gots a girlfwiend now! Her name is da Bella, and hers a Great Dane gurlie. We wentz to her mama's house and we runned and played and tumbled. Da Bella haz da good smellz!

Mama sayz I iz getting big. Iz 190 pounds, and almost 40 inches tall.

Lately Iz been cuddling up to da momma and my Tracie a lots. Momma calls me a cuddle bug. Iz not a bug!

I wuz habing da tummy aches again, but da momma fixed me, and Iz all bedder now.

Datz all for now, I be back soon.

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