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Image by Manel & Sean
Michael R. Hecht

“The Seven foot long dog is a wonderful book that describes what it’s like to own an Irish Wolfhound. I found it entertaining from beginning to end. I love this book as much as I love my Irish Wolfhound."

Daniel Meighan

"Cowboy Tails, I really enjoyed this story . I love how Molly and Grainne can talk to each other.
I have not read in a long time but this series is the best and I love how Grainne shows how smart Irish Wolfhounds are and I can't wait to read the rest.
The Author has out done her self. Keep writing I love reading again."

Susan E. McIntosh

“Jingle in the Jungle. This is Gail’s best so far! The story is great…full of action and scattered with moments of high drama. 
Love the Grainne and Molly relationship and they often make me laugh…that dog.”


“Ole Mole. This charming Middle Grade level book is a traveler's tale and a geography lesson rolled into one while hanging out with Molly and her family. Thumbs up!”

Wanda Wolski

“Hounds Abound. I have read all the books and they have been great. This one has been my favorite due to its personal touches. I love reading Grainne and Mollys story and I hope the books keep coming. Well done Gail again this one just grabbed my heart. I laughed I cried and I can’t wait for the next book.”

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